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PCP Continuity and Coordination of Care Survey

Dear West Virginia Family Health Plan Primary Care Physician:

West Virginia Family Health Plan in coordination with Beacon Health, the plan's contracted managed behavioral health organization, is conducting a survey to find out strengths and opportunities to improve the continuity and coordination of medical and behavioral health care among the West Virginia Family Health Plan membership.

Behavioral health problems often co-occur with chronic medical conditions. When behavioral health problems are not addressed, there may be a negative impact on self-care and adherence to medical and mental health treatments. An integrated approach in which primary care and behavioral health providers work together to address medical and BH needs of a patient is therefore necessary to improve overall health of patients.[1]

The high rate of co-occurrence of behavioral health illnesses and general medical conditions brings awareness to the gap between the behavioral health and primary care systems. Over about half of the care for behavioral health disorders is administered in a primary care setting. Without coordination of care between the PCP and the behavioral health provider, the patient may not receive proper treatment for all illnesses.[2]

Beacon monitors continuity and coordination of care among behavioral health practitioners and providers, and between PCPs and behavioral health practitioners, providers, and acute inpatient psychiatric facilities to ensure members' behavioral health treatment is protected under the HIPAA Privacy Rules; and accurate, sufficient, timely, frequent, and clear exchange of information is evidenced to promote the health and wellness of members across the continuum of care.

Please take a few moments to access the West Virginia Family Health Plan PCP Continuity and Coordination of Care Survey using the link:

On behalf of West Virginia Family Health Plan, we appreciate your input to continuously improve the quality of care and service to members.

Thank you,

Norman J. Montalto, DO, FAAFP
CMO West Virginia Family Health


Elisabeth Hager, MD
Beacon Health Options Regional Medical Director

[1] Unutzer, J. (2010) Integrated Mental Health Care, in Transforming Patient Engagement: Health IT in the Patient Centered Medical Home, October, 2010, 46-50.

[2] Druss, B. et al. (2006) Transforming Mental Health Care at the Interface with General Medicine Report for the President's Commission, January, 2006, Vol. 57.