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Focus on Quality

You Deserve Quality Health Care

Quality is important at West Virginia Family Health (WVFH). Getting quality health care can help you stay healthy and get better faster when you become sick. However, we know that often people do not get high-quality care.

What Exactly is Health Care Quality?

We know that quality means different things to different people. Some people think that getting quality health care means seeing the doctor right away, being treated with kindness by the doctor’s staff, or having the doctor spend a lot of time with them.

While these things are important to all of us, clinical quality of care is even more important. Health care providers, the government, and many other groups are working hard to improve health care quality. You also have a role to play to make sure you and your family members receive the best quality care possible.

What Does WVFH Value and Track?

We value quality in many areas:

  • Medical services and health care
  • Our Network providers and partners
  • Assistance and help to our customers
  • Member services and interactions

We track many of the healthcare quality measures that serve as tools that help us measure those things that are important to you and to WVFH. While evaluating healthcare practices and processes, WVFH looks at results that show how good we are meeting your healthcare needs. WVFH gathers information on patient opinions of how we are doing at meeting our member’s needs.

As an organization, there are a number of very important quality goals that look at how good we are at providing safe, efficient, patient-centered, and timely care to our members.

What Tools Do We Use to Compare Ourselves to Others?

WVFH takes part in the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS). This is a widely used set of performance measures in the managed care industry designed to allow consumers to compare health plan performance to other plans and to national or regional benchmarks.

The HEDIS was created, sponsored, and maintained as a set of standardized performance measures. WVFH currently tracks the following HEDIS quality measures for its members (in addition to many other measures):

  • Well-Child Visits in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Years of Life
  • Adolescent Well-Care Visits
  • Immunizations for Adolescents - Combination 1
  • Medication Management for People With Asthma (75% Compliance) – Ages 5 to 64
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Care – Postpartum Care

Please be sure to get your children to the pediatrician or PCP for all well child visits. The doctor will make sure they get their immunizations.

In addition, Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) surveys ask consumers and patients to report on and evaluate their experiences. CAHPS are a set of measures created by quality agencies to help measure the performance of an organization. They allow companies to compare themselves to others in the health industry to see how well they perform.