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We don’t want you or your family to be without health care coverage. Stay healthy and keep your benefits – renew on time.

Step 1: Check your mail  

You will get a letter in the mail to remind you it is time to renew your coverage. The letter will come around the month you first became eligible for Medicaid. If you don’t get a letter, call or visit your local DHHR office. Go to the DHHR Website to find your local office’s phone number and location.

Step 2: When you get your letter, renew your coverage.

Renew online: The easiest, fastest way to renew!

Visit for online re-certification. If you do not have an inROADS account, click on “Click here to create a My inROADS Account”.

Renew in Person:

You can renew your coverage at your local Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) office, or with your case worker. Contact your local DHHR Customer Service line at 1-877-716-1212.

Need a ride? Call LogistiCare at 1-844-549-8353 and schedule a ride to your local DHHR to renew your benefits.

Contact WVFH Member Services at 1-855-412-8001 if you have questions or need assistance renewing your benefits.