What To Do If You Move

If you move, it is very important to tell your caseworker at the Department of Health and Human Resources ("DHHR").  We can only update your address and phone number after your caseworker updates your file.  Your new address and phone number are needed so that we can send you information about your health plan.

If you move out of the counties that we service, you cannot keep your West Virginia Family Health (WVFH) coverage.  Call Member Services to let us know you moved.  If you move within West Virginia, we may still be your health plan.  You may call our Member Services number to get a Provider Directory that lists doctors near your new home.

If you move outside of West Virginia or the United States, please contact your DHHR caseworker for information you will need.

Member Services:
Call the WVFH Member Services department at 855-412-8001; the TTY number is 711 or 1-800-982-8771.